A selection of some of my murals

c holmes 01.05.2013 17:10

so do i love this one. i'd not have spotted it as a Philp. look at that 'lean' on the singer and the guitarist's stance. a new gem to spot every time i come in.

Judy 30.04.2013 19:24

Love this one!

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13.12 | 08:49

Thank you Dan, very kind of you, and thank you for your visit.

13.12 | 02:22

Beautiful work, especially like the pool pics, you can sense the cool calm

28.07 | 14:14

Hi Caroline, this was just fabulous. Some of these, of course, i remember but it is like seeing oild friends. I will always be your biggest fan. Have always lov

10.12 | 00:42

Hi Caroline, I am still viewing your website tried to share your art but it would not show the send button after leaving a comment.
as always Love ur Art