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Written by Ginger John. on 2. Feb, 2015
You introduced yourself to me as a muralist........ You are not... You are a bloody genius.....The portraits of the small children are as photographs and the pebble work is unbelievable.. Many many congratulations on your supreme talent... A god given gift if ever I saw one..

Written by Tony Cross on 18. Oct, 2014
Love the website! Now you have to make Crete even more beautiful.....

Written by LAMOINE DIONNE on 27. Feb, 2014
Hi Caro, such a beautiful time spent visiting all your creative beauty. It seems years and indeed it has been. I buy from easy but might be interested in a drift wood piece. Please befriend me again. put in new place. I know not why. Love and good wishes always. Lamoine

Written by Cliff Smith on 5. Oct, 2013
I do enjoy your sensitive approach to colour Caroline.

Website: www.gobigmurals.com
Written by Uschi on 1. May, 2013

Written by Geoff C on 30. Apr, 2013
Looks wonderful Caroline, a credit to you, well done and much success.

Written by Judy on 30. Apr, 2013
Gorgeous girl go for it! Such talent should be shared and enjoyed xxx

Written by Frank Booth on 30. Apr, 2013
Hi Caroline,

Looks very good. Hope it works well for you. I do wonder how you're coping amidst all the terrible news about the Greek economy!

Written by Sharon Gollan on 30. Apr, 2013
Beautiful work, Caroline! x

Website: www.willynillie.co.uk
Written by Caroline on 26. Apr, 2013
Nice to know everything works...thanks guys.xx

Written by Andrea Wells-China on 26. Apr, 2013
Caroline its always a pleasure to browse your work and see something different every time, love this new website, hope it brings you lots of viewing and success x

Written by chris holmes on 26. Apr, 2013
well done and the photo is absolutely right. you just go on getting it right, don't you?


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13.12 | 08:49

Thank you Dan, very kind of you, and thank you for your visit.

13.12 | 02:22

Beautiful work, especially like the pool pics, you can sense the cool calm

28.07 | 14:14

Hi Caroline, this was just fabulous. Some of these, of course, i remember but it is like seeing oild friends. I will always be your biggest fan. Have always lov

10.12 | 00:42

Hi Caroline, I am still viewing your website tried to share your art but it would not show the send button after leaving a comment.
as always Love ur Art