My little gallery/workshop

Kyma, a little wave of gifts

In 2011 I opened a little shop/gallery called Kyma, a little wave of gifts. Here I made a variety of gifts using drift wood, sea pebbles and Corfiot roof tiles. I also sold a selection of my paintings. I loved being in the shop and creating, and meeting and making lots of new friends and clients, but  I was unable to keep the shop.  I have not stopped creating, and am now selling a selection of my creations freelance and on line. Here are a few photo memories of the shop and some of the treasures it held.





Outside the shop
Some Kyma creations.

Latest comments

13.12 | 08:49

Thank you Dan, very kind of you, and thank you for your visit.

13.12 | 02:22

Beautiful work, especially like the pool pics, you can sense the cool calm

28.07 | 14:14

Hi Caroline, this was just fabulous. Some of these, of course, i remember but it is like seeing oild friends. I will always be your biggest fan. Have always lov

10.12 | 00:42

Hi Caroline, I am still viewing your website tried to share your art but it would not show the send button after leaving a comment.
as always Love ur Art