Painting murals for children

It is sometimes interesting to see the process of painting a mural. Here are two slide shows, one taken whilst painting a little boys room with a jungle theme, which covered two walls of his bedroom. The other one an airport theme, which was on one large wall. The airport themed mural was in London, and the little boy had a very clear idea of what he wanted. He chose all the aircraft that were to be included, and he also wanted the Dubai skyline in the distance!

Jungle mural
Airport Mural

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13.12 | 08:49

Thank you Dan, very kind of you, and thank you for your visit.

13.12 | 02:22

Beautiful work, especially like the pool pics, you can sense the cool calm

28.07 | 14:14

Hi Caroline, this was just fabulous. Some of these, of course, i remember but it is like seeing oild friends. I will always be your biggest fan. Have always lov

10.12 | 00:42

Hi Caroline, I am still viewing your website tried to share your art but it would not show the send button after leaving a comment.
as always Love ur Art